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Is it Safe to use Credit Card in Online Shopping?

There are so many scammers on the internet that it is no longer safe to use your credit card when shopping online. However, with e-commerce taking over, it is important you follow the following guidelines so that you do not fall into the hands of fraudsters and scammers.


browsingTrusting Sites

There are well-known companies that engage in e-commerce. You can shop and pay with your credit cards when on such platforms because those companies have also put in place controls that ensure the safety of your money. Anytime you open your inbox, and you have links and unsolicited emails, do not even click on them. Such links intend to steal your card information, and the fraudsters use it to siphon money from your accounts.


Safe Place

Do make payments or swipe your card on a public computer or network. There is a high probability of fraudsters having tempered with the codes such that they can steal your card information. The fraudsters mostly use software called keylogger that captures your login details and card number. Secondly, public computers are not the only one unsafe. Even the use of wifi that is accessible to the public can be equally dangerous. Hackers have polished their skills so much that a wifi signal is enough for them to get information that you are working on. Avoid making orders when having lunch at the restaurant around the corner.


Install Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus Software

At all times, always ensure that your computer has the latest anti-spyware and anti-virus software to prevent hackers from bombarding you with internet browsers that lead to websites that are fake. The software that you use should be from reputable brands and suppliers. Avoid installing software that keeps popping-up or links sent to your inbox.


Liaise with Bureaus

Bureaus such as Better Business which help to advance marketplace trust normally have records on how businesses normally treat their customers; pay their suppliers and other customer reports. If the company you want to pay using your credit card has a poor rating on such bureaus, do not pay. It is risky.


credit cardDo not use your Debit Card

Credit cards have been found to have more security features that can protect you against fraudsters. Most credit cards have set an amount that one can be liable to should fraud be perpetrated using your card. Most issuers of credit cards have set this limit at about $50 while that of debit cards is $500. Debit cards have also been found to be too risky since any breach of protection can result in your checking account is wiped clean. Secondly, if the issuer of your debit card notices that security of your card is breached, you are denied access to your money until the issue is sorted out. Access could be restored after a few days.

Regardless of the online payment method that you use, it can only be secure if certain guidelines are followed.…